Top 5 Reasons To Use Tenzing As Your Insurance Agent
(and for other Financial Services as well!)
8 February, 2019 by
Top 5 Reasons To Use Tenzing As Your Insurance Agent
Ian Robin Comandao

Why should you use Tenzing?

5 Reasons to Use Tenzing As Your Insurance Agent

Does the subject of insurance have you feeling like your walking into a maze of unfamiliar terms, benefits, rules, and processes? 

Don’t worry you’re not alone. Whether you’re an individual, family or company there are many ways Tenzing Pacific Services can help you navigate the insurance waters. 

There’s no need to be stuck in the maze, here are our top 5 reasons to use Tenzing as your preferred insurance agent:

   Get a Direct Comparison of Insurance Providers

Insurance Simplified

1. Knowledge & Professional Advice

We are founded on the principle of bringing professional accountable advice, products, and services to our clients. We explain and educate you in English about your options, providers, plans, benefits, limits, exclusions and more.

Our team has over 30 years’ combined experience in insurance and client management in Vietnam, SE Asia & Australia.

2. Bespoke Service

Attention to individual client’s needs beginning with an initial consultation to listen to and discuss your unique circumstances and concerns. When you buy direct from an insurer you get offered what they have, not necessarily what’s best for you and at the best price. We only provide quotes suited to your needs and budget. Let’s take a look at David's Case Study to see how we can save you money on your insurance.

3. Variety Of Insurance Providers, Products & Plans

We have partnerships with the best local and international providers, over 25 insurance products & thousands of combinations of plans. Whatever you’re looking for, we have a solution.

4. Customer Service

We are here for you throughout the entire duration of your policy from consultation, quotes, application, admin assistance, claims support and renewal.

5. It’s Free!!!

There are never any added or hidden costs to you for our services. The price you pay with us is the price you’d pay with the provider. So you may wonder how we make money? The answer is Tenzing is paid a fixed rate commission by the provider.

We are ready to partner with you to find the right solutions for yourself, your family and your business. Fill out the online form and get a free quotation now.