International Life Insurance

Key Features

Term or Whole-Life

Terms between 5-35 years, or whole-life protection.

Protects Against

Death with add-ons for Critical Illness & Disability.

Worldwide Coverage

Coverage for no matter where you are.


Moving? No problem, take the policy with you.

Monthly Payments

which stay fixed for entire duration of your term. 

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After filling in the form, a Tenzing rep will contact you with quotes with varying levels of Sum Insured based on your requests above. 


This is term insurance, where you are covered during the term length selected. Usually these are in increments between 5 & 35 years. You can also choose whole-life as the term. In the event of death during the term, there is a lump-sum payout to the beneficiary/ies of your choice. The payout is to any bank account they want, worldwide. Life insurance can be coupled with trust services if you wish to dictate how the benefit shall be used. 

Between 5-35 years or Whole-life. Depending on your age at entry, you may only be able to select certain term-lengths. 

Life insurance payouts can be used to cover any outstanding debts, funeral & burial expenses, mortgages, loans, wealth creation, fund family's future goals, ongoing monthly expenses, children's education, large one-off purchases, etc. 

One of our advisors will run a needs analysis with you to help you determine the amount of coverage you need. 

There are many variables in life insurance which can affect the price including; Age, Gender, Residence Country, Health & Lifestyle status, Sum Insured, Term-length, etc.   We will provide you a range of quotes, which can be fine tuned to your budget. 

You'll sign up with an application from which your Tenzing associate will provide.  There may be medical requirements, depending on your risk profile, age & sum insured. 

You can pay monthly with a card or annually with a bank transfer