International Savings Accounts

Are you concerned about the safety and convenience of your financial institution while abroad? Are you earning sufficient returns on your savings?

We've partnered with mainstream global financial institutions, in well regulated jurisdictions around the world, to bring quality international savings options to our clients accross the ASEAN region.

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Funds Held in Well Regulated Countries

Our client accounts are held in their choice of jurisdiction. We work with institutions in: The UK, United States, Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, Singapore & Luxembourg.

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Zero Capital Gains & Income Taxes Where Savings Are Held

As a non-resident in the country where your funds are held, you'll likely not be liable to pay income or capital gains taxes in those regions. The locations we choose for our clients are usually very friendly to foreign account holders.

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Easy & Convenient To Open Accounts From Anywhere

Our clients come from many different countries, reside and do business around the world. Our platform allows us to consult and open accounts for clients located anywhere, and provide them with 24/7 online access.

A Simple Process



Speak to one of our advisors to discover your needs & risk tolerance profile.


A full presentation is prepared for you, including a recommended account, location and investment portfolio.

Apply & Review

Applications are completed, funds deposited & accounts reviewed with your advisor every 3 months.

How We Add Value


Global Account Platform

Select accounts from over 10 global institutional partners.

Multidisciplinary Expertise

Our internationally qualified team includes experts in investment research, financial planning, tax & legacy planning.

Multilingual Service

We have a multinational team, serving clients in: English, Japanese, Mandarin, Tagalog & Vietnamese.

Key Service Partners


The Vanguard Group is the largest provider of investment funds & exchange traded funds globally, with over $5.3 trillion USD in assets under management. We utilize Vanguard's products for clients who are fee-conscious & are looking for participate in stock index returns over the long-term.


Interactive Brokers is the world's largest account platform by transaction volume, and gives our clients electronic access to over 123 asset markets around the world, 100% electronically. IB is regulated by the US Securities & Exchange Commission, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority & is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.


Investors Trust is a US and Cayman Islands-based firm that helps us offer clients simple, regular savings options with fixed interest rates that are higher than bank deposit rates. With multiple jurisdictions to choose from, along with a wide range of investment solutions, IT provides investors with endless possibilities.