Save Money on your Health Insurance

Save Money on your Health Insurance

By having contracts with 30+ insurers & access to over 600 plans, we can help you save money on your health insurance in 2020 moving forward.  Whatever your budget, we have solutions

   Compare plans from the best insurance providers in Asia   

   Personalized video explaining up to 4 plans side-by-side 

  Recommendation   based on   your needs and budget

Policies Include:


Choice of Benefits; inpatient, outpatient, annual health checks, dental, maternity, evacuation


No matter where you work, live, travel or move to. Plans fully portable in Asia and beyond. 

Direct Billing

Cashless treatments at the best hospitals in Asia


Break up the cost of your policy with monthly or quarterly payment installments

See Quotes from Providers Like:

 AplusApril   Allianz    Aetna   Cigna  LibertyLuma logo   expacare AXA  ACS     Now Health       MSH

 Morgan Price   PassportCard    Pacific Cross      William Russell      Globality Health  Swisscare  

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