Company Health Insurance Quotes

How it Works

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Consultation & Quotes

Speak with a Tenzing advisor so we can understand current & future plans, then we'll provide a range of quotes from our network of providers. 

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Recommendation & Setup

We will recommend a plan & help setup the policy including Applications, contracts & invoices. 


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Policy Presentation

A policy does no good if your employees don't understand the benefits, rules, processes. This is a critical step at policy inception.  

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Employee Customer Service

We're here to help your employees during the year with policy questions & act a liaison point between the insurer, hospital/clinic & the employee. This is critical, especially when employees are new to a policy and/country. 

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Policy Administration

We support our corporate clients with adding/removing employees, 

Key Features

Bespoke Plan

Tailor make your plan, paying only for the benefits your company & employees need. No matter where they live, work or travel to.

Group Discount

Buy together and save! Group discounts available with 2+ employees

Employee Assistance Program

Helps employees stay productive in the workplace while having support with personal issues through confidential counselling. 

Pre-Existing Condition Cover

With 10+ Employees, get Medical Health Disregarded to get coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Direct Billing

At the best hospitals & clinics in Asia + beyond, ensuring your employees are covered no matter where they live or travel to.

Payment Installments

Split the cost Quarterly or Semi-Annual payments.

Company Health Insurance Quotes

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