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Protect yourself, family & employees from unforeseen medical bills

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Provider Quality

Trusted middle & upper tier providers only, who offer modern standards & practices. 

Customer Service

Our in-house Customer Service team is here to help during the year & act as a liaison between you, the hospital & the insurer to provide you a smooth user experience.  

Direct Billing

Network all across Asia with the best hospitals, clinics & doctors when direct billing is possible. 

Pricing & Payments

Plans start at $40/month for a healthy 20-year old, with options to pay monthly, quarterly or semi-annually. No fees for our service!


Health insurance prices vary greatly depending on a number of factors, including Age, Benefits, Benefit Limitations, Coverage Area, Provider Quality and more.  As an agency, we cannot provide a fixed premium chart as we have over 10,000 plan combinations from 25 providers. 

No, these are the standard indicative rates only. They do not factor in your current health or occupational hazards.  Additional fees could be added to cover pre-existing conditions, high BMI (30+) or occupational hazards. 

You will need to fill out a medical questionnaire which is on the application form. Health checks are only required if something about your health check warrants more medical information before a final offer is made. 

Bank transfer, Debit or Credit card

Yes- if you have a preferred payment period, please bring this up in your initial consultation so we can recommend a provider that allows you to pay monthly or quarterly.  If you pay with installments, the provider will include surcharges for doing so. 

Yes, you are able to get a VAT invoice. Just let us know. 

Most providers will exclude:   Pre-existing conditions (unless otherwise declared), non-medically required treatments, unreferred treatments, cosmetic procedures, claims for doing anything illegal, claims outside your coverage area and more. 

Pre-existing conditions can be covered & they are handled on a case-by-case basis for each provider.  They will need to be declared on the application form & accepted by the provide to have coverage.  If the condition is too risky, then you will usually be accepted into the policy still, but have added exclusions.   If you'd like to have a pre-existing condition covered, you will need to provide supplemental paperwork which can include previous medical records or questionnaires. 

We recommend providers & plans based on our clients' needs.  Generally speaking, we focus on mid-tier providers that have been well vetted & do not cause our clients & ourselves headaches. These are not the cheapest providers & they are from the most expensive providers. 

Yes, certainly we can help with that. Most providers require at least one adult, but we have providers that can do child-only policies.