Managed Account Services

The most flexible international savings account for individuals and families.

About Managed Accounts

  • Funds held with Interactive Brokers LLC in New York, USA. The world's largest account platform, publicly traded on NASDAQ exchange

  • Construct an international stock or ETF portfolio or appoint a Tenzing adviser to manage a portfolio on your behalf.

Benefits and Details

We believe in a simple, fee based solution, where we earn an annual management fee only. Client funds are not locked in and no commissions are payable to our firm,     ensuring flexibility & transparency for our account holders

Managed accounts act like bank accounts, where you are able to deposit and withdraw cash electronically, at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Have your Tenzing adviser open an account on your behalf, or DIY the account opening process digitally. No requirement to mail physical documents, meaning you can open an account from anywhere

We believe that the key to growing wealth over the long-term is to diversify your portfolio across as many regions and industries as possible, to minimize risk


All major currencies available, including GBP, USD, AUD, JPY, EUR & more.

Platform Technology

View your live portfolio performance by downloading the TWS mobile & desktop app as well as via account management online. TWS app available via Android and iOS.

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Why we use Interactive Brokers as our Preferred Account Platform

Interactive Brokers is the world's largest account platform by trading volume, with over 1 trillion dollars per year in revenue trades. Interactive Brokers Group is publicly traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange and is licensed and regulated by the SEC & a member of NYSE, FINRA SIPC. 

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Depending on your account currency, your cash and assets will be held in either: New York, London, Frankfurt, Melbourne, Hong Kong or Tokyo. Speak to your adviser or portfolio manager for more information.

Your returns depend on your risk tolerance, which will be obtained with the assistance of your adviser or portfolio manager. After your requirements are noted, we will construct and manage a portfolio for you in accordance with one of our model portfolios,or bespoke according to your preferences.

See model portfolio strategies

*Please note that returns are not guaranteed. Account values may go up as well as down. 

You will have 24/7 access to your account and portfolio online, as well as via our account management software. You will also receive a detailed portfolio report every month from your portfolio manager or adviser & a full overall wealth management review every quarter. 

If you choose to have a discretionary managed agreement with us, you will not be consulted as our team will need to move quickly on investment decisions.

If you choose to have a consultative agreement with us you will be consulted before decisions are made, however your investment strategy will likely be more passive.

With either arrangement you will receive full reports at the end of each month or whenever you require

Once we've recieved a completed application and clean supporting paperwork it should take no longer than 48 hours.

Yes. Your Managed Account will be linked to your bank account, so you will be able to withdraw cash whenever you like with no penalty fees or paperwork.

Zero. This is a completely digital service.

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