Tenzing Vietnam Care 2019 Tenzing Vietnam Care

Basic insurance designed to protect you against expensive medical treatments, while taking routine, less expensive treatments as an out-of-pocket expense. 

Direct Billing

Cashless treatments at major hospitals in Vietnam & throughout Asia


International insurance starting at just $1.33/day.


Partnered with trusted international insurance providers. 


Year-round support provided by Tenzing, for direct billing, claims submission & policy questions. 

Tenzing Vietnam Care 2019

Tenzing Vietnam Care 2019

Tenzing Vietnam Care 2019


Bronze Plan = no pre-existing conditions     Silver Plan =  some can be considered with an additional fee.    Gold & Platinum = most likely to accept, but case-by-case basis.   Your Tenzing rep will explain about the types of pre-existing conditions that can be covered. 

The price stated above will be final for a healthy individual. Prices are subject to changed to cover increased risk for health status, including having BMI 30+ or occupational hazards. 

Simply don't pay your next payment installment & the policy will void. 

Any changes to your policy must only occur at the annual renewal date. 

Residents of Vietnam can apply, regardless if you're an expat or local citizen. 

There are no fees for using Tenzing as your insurance broker.   The insurer has payment fees based on your payment method & frequency, these will be outlined to you by your Tenzing rep. 

Yes, never give an insurance provider an easy reason to deny a claim. Get a local VN license or international driving permit that covers Vietnam. 

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